Online Risk Assessment with Safetyframe!

Still using Word documents or Excel sheets and pieces of paper? With Safetyframe you can create assessments and save online, recall, amend, print, download them – even export to html to share with another Safetyframe user. Everything in one place and accessible from any user’s computer! Your online risk assessment can be made available to the workers affected, either electronically or on paper, with agreement and signing possible by either means!

Give it a title . . .

What is being assessed? Risk assessments are needed for all your processes, your premises, and your equipment – make this your assessment title. Your online risk assessment list will then make a meaningful Risk Register.

Online risk assessment

Complete the heading Info . . .

For extra data security, fields where you could enter personal data are shaded light green. This data will be encrypted AES 256bit in your database. Why don’t we encrypt every field? – we have to strike a balance here between performance and security – the encryption process could impact on the performance you expect to get from the system.

Online risk assessment

Add some introductory information . . .

. . . about the assessment or the need for it – be free – the system is flexible!

online risk assessment

. . . and now for the assessment:

Your online risk assessment can now begin! Each hazard for the scenario you are assessing is entered separately – just click ‘Add Hazard’ after the previous one. Online risk assessment is flexible with Safetyframe: for compound assessments where several hazards are considered for, say, the same piece of equipment, each can have its own set of controls and risk ratings, yet you don’t need to enter details of who might be affected more than once, unless you want to of course. Where the same people groups are affected by all the hazards, simply list the group type(s) and numbers in the Notes field at the end.

Online risk assessment with Safetyframe
Safetyframe users – on desktop PC, laptop, tablet or (for check sheets) on a smartphone

About Safetyframe: anyone with an internet-enabled Windows desktop PC, laptop or tablet can be enabled as a user within your organisation. Workers without a device can still be added as users for the purpose of monitoring their training or storing their records (e.g. certificates), but they will need to sign paper copies of safe system as of work (SSWs), general risk assessments or COSHH assessments.

The Check Sheets module can be used on a smartphone, Windows tablet or iPad – making it possible to complete specific check sheets for daily vehicle checks, periodic racking checks, and a host of other weekly, monthly or annual checks on location! – an instant success with the workers! Monitor the results on the admin computer!