Online COSHH Assessment – with Safetyframe

The Safetyframe online COSHH assessment module is an invaluable means of creating compliant chemical assessments using the manufacturers’ SDS documents and defining how substances hazardous to health are safely controlled and handled within your organisation.

One-click Icons

CLP icons (as required for the substance by the REACH and CLP regulations) are instantly added to your online COSHH assessment in line with the safety data sheet, – just check the boxes!

Online COSHH Assessment

PPE specified by the SDS is also immediately specified in your online COSHH assessment by ticking the icon boxes.  Add your own if the local situation requires further protection

Online COSHH Assessment

Substance Details

The supplier, the purpose of the substance, its frequency of use, where stored, where used, the quantity stored, the quantity used and an emergency number are all provided for.

Online COSHH Assessment

Guidance on Workplace Exposure Limits Provided

STEL and LTEL figures with appropriate units easily incorporated in your online COSHH assessment.

Dropdown Suggestions

Select from instant dropdown lists covering:

  • Routes of exposure,
  • Monitoring arrangements,
  • Who might be harmed,
  • Harmful outcomes,
  • . . . or enter your own!

Specific Measures

Safetyframe’s unique online COSHH assessment facility allows you to specify how your organisation safely stores, handles, deals with spillage, and disposes of waste in the substance, what fire precautions and actions need to be taken, and what work and maintenance procedures are in place.

Control Measures

Control measures already in place and those you deem necessary to further reduce risk due to the substance can be chosen form dropdown prompts, or entered manually.

Risk Rating

Our online COSHH assessment module will calculate a risk rating based on your likelihood and severity suggestions for initial, existing and/or the target level of risk based on your further control measures.

Online COSHH Assessment

Save, Print, Recall and Notify Online

All the standard functions of Safetyframe apply to online COSHH assessment as much as to the other features of this essential web application; create, save, amend and notify staff to read and sign online. 

Eliminate paperwork, simplify compliance, work remotely, collaborate online, have everything in one place!  –  Safetyframe by Safe-Assure LLP!