Health and Safety Software

Special health and safety software to assist organisations with their compliance duties may have seemed like the province of the rich and famous up till now, but it’s the dream of H&S managers everywhere in this often unappreciated and underfunded backyard department of industry. Whether you call them OHS, OH&S, EHS, HS or H&S systems, they tend to be expensive and seem primarily designed for the big corporate user, or they are over-complicated, confusing and hard to use, or simply very inflexible and constraining!

Meet Safetyframe!

Safetyframe is a refreshingly different piece of health and safety software, made for real users by people from small and average organisations who have tried to ‘do’ H&S in all sorts of ways in the past. The’ve used forms and documents on paper – often provided by specialist ‘competent persons’, they’ve used Word and Excel documents on their computers, they’ve put together cleverer home-grown systems using macros, and finally they’ve produced Safetyframe . . . and they are still developing its features.

Safe-Assure LLP have a growing number of very satisfied commercial clients and safety consultants using Safetyframe to help achieve compliance with UK health and safety legislation. The application is sometimes used alongside an existing management system to keep everything in one place, but it may also used on it’s own to host content for complete ISO compliance.

This is health and safety software which will help you to unify your safety documentation, meet ISO requirements, implement workplace protocols including for Covid19, and lay the basis to keep everyone safe in the workplace.

The old ways

Before health and safety software

On paper?

Before specifically health and safety software
Before specifically health and safety software

Word and Excel?

Safe-Assure LLP Safetyframe

Safetyframe Health and Safety Software
  • Everything accessible by users and all in one place
  • Adaptable example assessments, safe systems of work
  • Create risk assessments, COSHH assessments, safe systems of work, toolbox talks, incident records, check sheets
  • Contractor assessments, manage contractor documentation
  • Recall, amend, print, copy, share, review, archive, delete
  • Folder-tree document storage and retrieval
  • Reminder task list – keep up with your responsibilities easily!
  • On demand detailed reporting
  • Create unique bespoke check sheets and complete them on smartphone or tablet as well as desktop PC or laptop
  • Admin overview of everything
  • Add or archive users with specific permission levels
  • Discounted quality online training by arrangement