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Safetyframe - a leading platform for management of safety compliance

Safetyframe is the Health and Safety platform specially developed by staff with extensive experience in safety and the smaller business, to help you manage your UK Health and Safety responsibilities in a simple and logical manner for a very reasonable expense. 

. . . . . . and we are still developing!

Access the health and safety platform from any Windows device, computer or tablet, iPhone, or for completing a check sheet, from an Android smartphone!

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Health and Safety ( or 'EHS' ) Software is becoming essential

UK Health and Safety law rightly places high emphasis on employee safety, and is highly respected around the world.  Because the bar is high, businesses are really challenged to meet the legal requirements in the workplace, and are therefore increasingly turning to software platforms for assistance. 

Since the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act, a safety management system has been a requirement for all but the very smallest business.  As time and technology have progressed paper records have tended to give way to electronic ones, and the advent of universal standards such as ISO 45001 is now further moving us forward towards reliance on IT solutions variously known H&S, SHE, EHS, OSH or OH&S systems or platforms, in order to manage our responsibilities for the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) – and add Welfare as well if you wish! 

A good software system will give you the tools you need to fill out your management system enabling you to satisfy legal and other requirements with meaningful policies, procedures and monitoring arrangements.  These are essential for running a business efficiently, ensuring that people and the environment are protected, and that you comply with the legislation that governs health and safety.  This is where Safetyframe comes in, and why you need it!

No software can carry out the duties of management by itself, but health and safety software helps by providing the tools to do this.  In the modern world such platforms are becoming fundamental to ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations, assessing risks, maintaining records, and facilitating safe systems of work.  In turn, where embraced from the top of an organisation down, this leads to a better organised, safer and happier place of work.

What's the benefit to employees?

It is the moral and legal duty of every employer to allocate sufficient resources to health and safety so that employees are kept safe at work and able to return home safely at night.  So in addition to the coordinated safety management system that Safetyframe will help you set up, Safe-Assure also provide high quality certificated online training for employees.  This can be reinforced with the company’s own specific on-the-job training, which you can base on safe systems of work developed in Safetyframe – all bases covered!

Safeguard your employees' health, safety and wellbeing

Have those essential toolbox talks recorded and signed for,  and be able to recall them for amendment and redelivery at any time.  Schedule regular monitoring checks with the Reminder Calendar, and make sure employees’ external training is kept up to date in the Staff Training module.  Inspire confidence by making them feel they are wanted!

Successful organisations work as a team

Consultation and coordination is a two-way street.  Safetyframe not only makes the top level environmental and health and safety policy statements, and the detailed arrangements in your safety management system immediately available to your employees, but also encourages their participation in the risk assessment process and the production of safe systems of work by requiring their acceptance , or otherwise, of these online.  

Safetyframe health and safety platform
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