Effective Health and Safety for SMEs

Safetyframe Health and Safety Software

Health and Safety for SME’s in the UK is founded in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (often known as HASWA) and the many sets of regulations established under it, such as the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (MHSWR).  These require:

  • A Policy* Statement of Intent
  • Defined Responsibilities for H&S within the organisation
  • Practical Arrangements** for making the policy work

Employers are required to carry out assessments for every significant risk, make arrangements to implement necessary measures to control these, appoint competent people and arrange for appropriate information and training to be delivered to all staff.

Health and Safety for SMEs

Businesses with less than 5 employees are exempt from having to write these things down, though it’s always a good thing to do so. But otherwise the requirements all apply to any size of company, which can make the burden of H&S seem unfairly heavy for the smaller company and why health and safety for SMEs can be daunting.

Health and Safety Software

Many health and safety software systems are available for management of safety, but generally at a price out of reach for the smaller company,  Safetyframe by Safe-Assure LLP is refreshingly different – it’s designed by people who have worked extensively with small businesses and that understand the constraints.  Safetyframe is simple to understand, and it’s no more expensive than a few coffees a week!

How we provide health and safety for SMEs

Free Risk Assessment Examples

Safetyframe incorporates not only example policies* and arrangements** which can be imported ready for you to adapt for the company needs and circumstances, but free risk assessment examples, COSHH assessment examples and check sheet templates as well!  Online risk assessment is brilliant for accessibility, review and updating, and availability to everyone concerned.  Here is an example downloaded pdf COSHH assessment, produced using Safetyframe’s online COSHH assessment module:  

Health and Safety for SMEs

Never Miss a Task

The Safetyframe Reminder Calendar is a brilliant feature which won’t let you forget important monitoring tasks, service dates or repeat duties.  Simply update the ‘last done’ date when the task has been completed.  The ‘next due’ date will update itself automatically, and will go green when nearly due, or red when overdue.  Every user has access and can schedule their own tasks, and linked storage takes care of proof documents such as certificates or job sheets.  PAT testing date reminder, emergency lights discharge test due date – you name it!

Create Check Sheets Online

Imagine your drivers could tap their daily vehicle checks into their smartphone or tablet so that admin department can check them online, or that machinery or forklift pre-use checks could be done in the same way, with results stored for monitoring.  Create check sheets online for anything: ladder checks, racking checks, first aid box contents . . .  Completed check sheets always available in date order on any user’s computer.

Document Signature

As required by law, staff members need to be aware of the findings of risk assessments.  Notify them automatically at every document revision (or at any time) to accept (‘sign’) assessments or safe systems of work online using their user login.

Training Records

External training courses, internal training records, or online training courses can be set up as ‘courses’ for staff in Safetyframe, giving managers the option of printing a training report with future retake dates automatically scheduled as required – keep on top of training requirements! Course certificates are easily uploaded to individual training folders.

Health and Safety for SMEs – all in one place!

Health and Safety for SMEs

Online Training

Safetyframe users get access to our suite of top quality industry body approved online training courses at a special discount!  Apply for your exclusive promo code.  Our portfolio includes health and safety courses, courses that cover health and safety for care homes as well as the food industry, business and construction.  Here is just a selection of available courses:

  • Work at height training
  • Manual handling training
  • Fire safety training (with a version for care settings)
  • Fire marshal training (with a version for care settings)
  • Asbestos awareness training
  • EFAW training (emergency first aid at work)
  • Working safely eLearning
  • Health and safety eLearning (Workplace health and safety)
  • Food safety training online (food hygiene certificate) Levels 1 and 2
  • Supervising Food Safety – Level 3
  • Understanding your Role in Care

+ many more, and always growing . . .

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