Free Risk Assessment Examples!

Safetyframe by Safe-Assure LLP provides free risk assessment templates as examples for users to adapt to their organisation’s requirements. This can be a great kick start for those new to the responsibility of assessing hazards and risks for an organisation. Don’t forget to look at your own situation carefully though – no two sets of circumstances are identical, so we don’t recommend using the free risk assessment examples exactly as the are! The assessor must take responsibility for his or her own work, so if something doesn’t fit, re-write it so it does!

free risk assessment
It’s easier online!

No more shuffling papers or trying to unify a system with lots of Word documents or Excel sheets – good as they are on their own

Free risk assessment in Safetyframe
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Access to our free risk assessments
Access to risk assessments and all the other features of the Safetyframe Windows web app can be via a desktop PC, a laptop, a Windows tablet, an iPad (or for check sheets, an Android smartphone).

Safetyframe is the ideal online solution for risk assessment and our free risk assessment templates that come with the system are a great start if you need something to build on

Safetyframe is the low-cost online health and safety solution offered by Safe-Assure LLP. It is flexible and simple, and designed for the small-to-medium enterprise. Safetyframe operates in a convenient and logical manner, keeping all your H&S material in one easily accessed space of your own online, accessible to all staff users with different permission levels, enabling uploading of documents, creating and updating risk assessments, COSHH assessments, safe systems of work, tool box talks, and bespoke check sheets. Free risk assessment examples, free SSW templates, and free risk assessment examples for COSHH will get you started. If you use these modules as well, contractors can be managed using the system, and the Reminder Calendar won’t let you miss another task.